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2022 Sale Info

2022 Sale Order: Steer, Lamb, Goat, Hog

2022 Buyer FAQ's

  • Who do I make my check out to?

    • Please make checks payable to: Rockingham County Fair Association.

  • I am new buyer and don’t understand the bidding process.  Where can I find more information?

    • Please read the Buyers Guide at this pdf:

    • If you have any additional questions or still need some help, please email or call our office at 540-564-3080

  • Will buyers receive a meal as previous years?

    • Yes, buyers will receive either a voucher to the 4-H Food Booth or a ticket for a meal the night of the sale.

  • Why will I have 2 bidder cards this year?

    • You will receive a GREEN bidder card and a WHITE bidder card.  One will say FLOOR and the other will say HOME.  If you raise a HOME bidder card, a volunteer will then bring you a blank slaughter card to fill out for destination and processing information.

  • Why are the slaughter cards blank this year?

    • Due to all local slaughter/processing facilities being booked well in advance, you must have already made a pre appointment with them before fair week.  We did not want to list the options like previous years because in previous years you didn’t have to make a pre-appointment.  We will be verifying your pre-appointment against the list provided by the facilities.

  • Can I pay the night of the sale with a credit card?

    • Yes, we will take your credit information and it will be run on Monday following the fair. *fees apply

  • Where do I check out sale night?

    • If you are PAYING the night of the sale, go to the barn office and pay at the outer windows or go inside the barn office. 

      • If you do not pay the night of the sale, please reach out to the Rockingham County Fair the following week to process your payment.  A 10% late fee will be applied to your bill if not paid within 10 days.

  • Where can I find Sale Orders before I get to the fair on Friday?

Tele-Auction/Buyers Committee: We understand life is busy, so if you can't attend the sale in person and still support our sale from home, please reach out to the Buyers Committee (Donnie Liskey, 540-434-0495).  We will also be having a live online auction following the in-person auction where you may bid on animals from the comfort of your home.  The sale orders will not be posted until after the completion of that specie show since animals are sold in the order of class placings.  If you will be bidding online, please pre-register through Allied Auctioneers (the red button above).  If you will be bidding in person, please register with the blue button above.


Buyers Dinner:   The 2022 Buyers Appreciation Dinner is set for Wednesday, September 14, 2022 at the Rockingham County Fair Exhibit Hall.  NEW THIS YEAR!  A catered meat will be provided with exhibitors bringing sides.



For the most recent and up to date information, please continue to visit this website and click the BUYERS tab

If you have any questions about any of the above updates, please reach out to the Rockingham County Extension Office at 540-564-3080 and ask for Sam Leech or Rosemary Life.  Email questions can be sent to

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