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2022 Online Sale Info

2022 Sale Order: Steer, Lamb, Goat, and Hog

We are still having a live in-person sale!

If you wish to have an animal processed or taken home, you must bid in person.  Payment will not be accepted online, you must pay via check or credit card to the Rockingham County Fair (540-434-0005) within one week of the sale.

If you plan on bidding online, please pre-register as a buyer through the Allied Auctioneers red button below!

The online sale will take place through:


Online Buyer FAQ's


-Please register your business name under First Name.  The site will not let you leave the last name field blank when you register a company under the first name field.  Please put your actual name in the last name field.

-If you wish to bid for multiple businesses, you must register EACH business separately.  You will only be able to purchase an animal with ONE bidder account at a time.  Multiple online registered bidder numbers cannot be combined to purchase a single animal.  Only ONE buyer name will be announced.  If you wish to bid with several bidder numbers, please come to bid in-person at the fairgrounds!

-Animals are sold BY THE POUND.  However, you will see all sale prices online as hundredweights.  Example:  You hear the auctioneer selling a hog for $2.25/lb.  On your screen, it will show up as $225.  You are NOT purchasing that animal for that amount.  In reality, it means the price is $2.25/lb.


In Person Price $2.25/lb..................Online Price You Will View $225

In Person Price $6.75/lb..................Online Price You Will View $675

In Person Price $12.50/lb................Online Price You Will View $1,250



-Sale starts at 12:00PM

-Sale order is Steers, Lambs, Goats, and Hogs


-The online auction is real time and the auctioneers receive the online bid less than a one second delay.  You do not have to bid 5 minutes in advance, you can bid real time with the sale.

-Please make checks payable to Rockingham County Fair Association.



  • Do I have to register in separate places to bid online vs in-person?

    • When registering online, please put the Business name under the first name slot.  That way your business name will be announced during the sale vs your personal name.  The last name slot can not be left blank so please put your actual name in this slot.

  • How will I know that I was the winning bid for the animal I was bidding on through the online auction?

    • You will 1) Hear your name announced through the live feed as the buyer, 2) You will receive an email notification.

      • You will also receive an invoice of your bill.

  • If I am bidding online and want to take that animal home or for slaughter/processing, what do I need to do?

    • All animals purchased online MUST go to the FLOOR.  If you wish to take an animal home to be slaughtered and processed, please attend the sale in person!

  • Can I pay online the night of the sale?

    • No, you will need to get with Rockingham County Fair the following week to process your payment.

  • Do I have to come to the fair the night of the sale to pay my bill?

    • No, you will receive an invoice through the email address you provided.  Please send a check made out to: Rockingham County Fair Association and mail to the Rockingham County Fairgrounds at 4808 S Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

  • Will the online auction be in order of the sale order?

    • Yes, the animals/exhibitors will be in order of the sale orders.

  • Where can I find Sale Orders for the Steers, Hog, Lambs, and Goats?

    • They will posted on the website under the Exhibitor Tab.

  • Will the online sale keep up with the live sale?

    • Yes, there is only a 1 second delay.  Our Auctioneers know to confirm/ask for any more bids before closing on that animal.

  • I want to bid with multiple bidder numbers, how do I do that?

    • You will need to open multiple tabs on your computer and be logged in to each account that you have registered on separate tabs.  Only one bidder name can purchase an animal and only one bidder name will be announced if you purchase online.

  • I am new buyer and don’t understand the bidding process.  Where can I find more information?

    • Please open and read the Buyers Guide:


If you have any additional questions or still need some help, please email Josh Puffenbarger at or call Josh at 540-421-5007. 

You can also reach out to Rosemary Life at

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