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NEW! Dairy Steers in 2023

Official rules & regulations have yet to be released but here is some starting info: -Dairy steers must weigh between 400-850lbs by 2023 fair -Nomination for dairy steers will follow the short-leg schedule, and be due in the Spring via FairEntry -Dairy steers must be 100% dairy, no beef crosses or beef genetics -The dairy steer show will be on the same day as the open dairy show and have it's own showmanship -Dairy steers will count towards your maximum of 3 market animals to be exhibited -Dairy steers will be sold at the Rockingham County 4-H & FFA Livestock Show & Sale -Dairy steers must be dehorned and castrated -Dairy steers must be born in January-March timeframe of the current fair year -Dairy steers will be tacked and tied in the dairy barn

If you have any further specific questions for now, please email and ask for Rosemary Life or Jeremy Daubert

Formal rules & regulations with more specifics will be released after the new year!

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