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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of common FAQ's.  If your questions are not answered here, please contact us and we will be glad to help!

  • My child isn't 9 years old yet, can they show at the fair?

    • To show and sell in the Market Animal Shows (Hog, Goat, Lamb, and Steer) you must be 9 years old by September 30th of the fair year and be a 4-H or FFA member.

    • Your child that is not 9 years old can show animals in any of the OPEN shows that the Rockingham County Fair has to offer (Beef, Dairy, Goat, Lamb, Poultry, Rabbits).  Visit the Rockingham County Fair website for more information.

  •  How do I join a 4-H Club or FFA Chapter?

    • To join a 4-H Club, please contact the Rockingham County Extension Office.

    • To become an FFA member, pay your member dues at school registration time or contact the Middle or High School Ag Teacher for more information.

  •  When should I purchase my animals?

    • Steers should be purchased in September/October and must be born before January 1 of the current fair year.

    • Goats, Lambs, and Hogs are normally purchased in the spring during the months of April and May.


  • When do we need to register our market animals?

    • Steers: Registration for Market Steers is typically due in January.

    • Hog/Goat/Lambs: Registration for short-leg animals are typically due in April.

    • We are not responsible for submitting the registration for your animals!  It is YOUR responsibility.  If you aren't sure of a deadline, please call the Rockingham Extension Office at 540-564-3080 BEFORE the above months.


  • Am I required to turn in a project book if my animals don't make weight?

    •  Yes, if you weighed in the animal at the initial weigh-in you are still required to turn a project book in for that specie in order to show and sell that specie in the next year's fair.

  • Where can I purchase animals from?

    • Please click the link below to view the list of producers that provide market animals for sale to youth exhibitors.


  • I would like to weigh my animals before the fair but don't have my own scales.

    • Contact your specie chairman or the Rockingham Extension Office and we will direct you on where you can go to do this!

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