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New Buyers

Supporting the Hardworking 4-H & FFA Youth is as Easy as

1... 2... 3...

1. Have a child/family/reason to support

Youth visit local businesses to solicit support for their livestock projects sold at the Rockingham County Fair all summer long. Listen to their sales pitch when they visit your place of business.

Exhibitors will bring a Buyers Packet with them when visiting businesses, ask for one to know the specific date/time and pertinent details of the auction.  Information can also be found on this website!

Supporting youth exhibitors is a great way to promote your business as being community-focused, and thanking the community for its support during the past year. 

2. Define your commitment level

All individuals and businesses are invited to participate in the auction, on the Friday of the Rockingham County County Fair in the Livestock Show & Sale Ring.  Set a budget for your business/organization ahead of time to know how much you want to spend and be recognized for.

All livestock are sold on a "per pound" basis, so we recommend doing some homework when you arrive at the auction.  Calculate the maximum amount you're willing to pay, per pound, for the specific livestock of the youth you want to support. This way you won't be scrambling come sale time! To help potential buyers budget we've shared the minimum & maximum weights that all four species sold can weigh, below:

Market Goat: 60 lbs - 130 lbs

Market Hog: 220 lbs - 285 lbs

Market Lamb: 90 lbs - 160 lbs

Market Steer: 1,050 lbs - 1,600 lbs

Average sale price, for our 2019 sale, for all four species is shown below:

Market Goat:   $10.00/lb

Market Hog:   $3.50/lb

Market Lamb:   $5.00/lb

Market Steer:   $1.60/lb

Purchasing a market animal from a child doesn't have the break the bank! You can choose to donate up to a certain value by contacting our Buyers Committee ahead of time. The Buyers Committee collects donations from all across the state and recognizes those sponsors specifically when an animal is purchased (even partially) in their name.

3. Support!

If you can make it to the Sale - GREAT! Wear your companies logo proudly and join us in the livestock ring to support the youth.  "Sale Sheets" of all youth selling livestock, and their weights, are handed out roughly 2-3 hours ahead of the start of the sale.  The Market Animal Show Committee provides estimated times that specific species will begin selling throughout the night. Look for the "Buyers Registration Table" in the back of the sale barn to register/receive your buyer number so you can bid.

The entire sale is sold on a "per pound" basis, so a 100 lb market lamb that is sold for $5.00/lb sends $500.00 to the youth exhibitor, BUT the buyer has the option to sell the animal back to the "Floor", which is a pre-set market price that local processors agree to pay for any animals that are "sold back to the floor." If the 100 lb market lamb were sold back to the floor of $1.50/lb then the buyer would only need to pay $3.50/lb to support the youth exhibitor, or $350.00. There is a floor buyer available for each species.

Individualized recognition is provided for individuals, businesses, and organizations that support the youth exhibitors by buying livestock.  Personalized "Thank You's" are announced directly after the animal is sold in front of an event of 500+ captivated audience members, Buyer's names are written on a large board that is displayed, year-round, at the Rockingham County Fair Grounds, and Buyers receive a ribbon to proudly display in their place of business. Youth exhibitors typically provide their buyers with a special "thank you" as well after the sale. Individuals with bidder numbers receive a free "thank you" dinner, courtesy of Farm Credit of the Virginias, in the livestock barns during the sale.


After the dust at the Fair settles, a Buyers Appreciation Dinner is hosted in the early fall as another opportunity to thank and recognize the buyers for their support.



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