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YQCA Training Opportunities

In order to be eligible to show and sell at the 2024 Rockingham County 4-H/FFA Livestock Show and Sale, all NEW 4-H & FFA Youth MUST attend a YQCA Training, BEFORE the Rockingham County Fair.

YQCA is a quality assurance training for youth raising and producing production livestock for consumers. This training will also give youth the chance to learn and demonstrate additional showing, exhibition and livestock production skills.


ANY of the following YQCA Trainings listed below will meet your YQCA requirement:

May 31st, 6- 8 PM for all first-time exhibitors and anyone planning to show at the Virginia State Fair. Everyone is invited to attend a training, but all first time Rockingham County Fair exhibitors are REQUIRED to attend a YQCA training. If you cannot attend this training, more YQCA trainings will be offered at later dates.  Registration for the May 31st training will open around May 1st.

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