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**Short Leg Weigh-In Update**

After recent discussion amongst the Livestock Committee, it has been decided to stick to the Tag-It-Yourself system for tagging short leg market animals this year. You must have your animals tagged and submitted by June 4th in order to show!

Each exhibitor/family will be able to pick up a TIY (Tag-It-Yourself) packet starting tentatively May 24, 2021 that includes: TIY procedure and instructions, tagging and vaccination instructions, RFID tags for each animal, FairEntry summary on animals submitted by each exhibitor, and a help contact sheet. The tags must be in the animal’s ear and the online survey must be submitted by June 4, 2021.

Tag-It-Yourself Packets will be available at the Rockingham Extension Office from May 24th- June 4th from 9am-3pm. Please note the office will be closed on Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day.

We will be placing all packets in the front lobby, in totes alphabetized by last name. To pick up vaccines, please enter the office and we will be happy to assist you. Due to the number of tags and exhibitors in your family, you may have several packets! Whoever is picking up the packet for the exhibitor will have to sign for it as well.

We will be offering vaccinations to lamb, goat, and hog exhibitors. You will be able to pick up single dose labeled vaccinations from the Rockingham Extension Office when you pick up your packets. Please come in our front door or call the Extension Office so that we can retrieve your single dose vaccines from the refrigerator. The vaccine will need to be kept cool during transportation and administered the same day to ensure quality. We will have ice available, but if you could bring a small cooler that would help. We highly recommend that you follow a vaccination protocol on your farm with your market animals. You are not required to take the vaccinations that we are offering to you for free. A release form must be signed and brought to the Rockingham Extension Office if you desire to pick up vaccinations for your animal(s). Thank you to Rockingham Coop for the donation of vaccines!

• Hog Vaccine: Rhini Shielf TX4 (erysipelas and pneumonia vaccination) • Lamb & Goat Vaccine: Vision C, D, & T (over-eating and tetanus vaccination)

Bred and Owned Part I will be due via google form by June 4th as well.

If you wish to collect weights on your animals we will be available on June 5th in the morning at Rockingham Livestock Sales. We will be scheduling those appointments through a google form. Again, this is an optional opportunity to only collect weights on your projects.

If you do not have access to the internet, have questions about the TIY system, or will need assistance tagging/vaccinating your animals, please let us know! We are more than happy to help!

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